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Transportation Services to Reopen August 24th

Transportation Reopening

Transportation Services will open again on August 24th, 2022. 

Please be patient after our return as we are expecting a large volume of communications awaiting us and will reach out to you as soon as possible after August 24th. 

If you are inquiring about registering for transportation, reporting a change in address or a change in the school your student is attending, please submit your completed application form to

Alternatively, if you are applying for the User Pay Program, please use this link to access the application form and when finished, forward the completed version to for review.

Please be aware we are not processing our waitlists until the beginning of October. There is no guarantee that space will be available from one year to the next depending on the number of students who qualify for bussing and choose to use the service. We will be contacting the parents of students we can accommodate as soon as we have an idea of the space available.  

Transportation eligible students in the towns of Okotoks, High River and between Turner Valley and Black Diamond:

Bus Passes are required for bussing. The bus passes and transportation information will be available from the applicable schools the week before school starts ready for pick-up. Transportation details such as bus number and stop times are provided when passes are collected at the school. The stop times can also be found online at the Foothills School Division Website. 

Transportation students eligible for bussing in our rural areas:

 Bus passes are NOT issued for these services. Late in the week prior to the school start date, the driver will contact each family and inform them of their morning departure times. The bus routes will be reviewed for efficiencies throughout the month of September. The departure times will be finalized by the drivers as soon as possible. Adjustments can occur throughout the year if there are changes in the route or riders. The driver will notify the parents of any changes to the departure times.

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