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School of Choice

School of Choice

Refer to AP 305 - School Attendance Areas

We understand that for various needs some families may prefer to send their child to a location outside their designated school attendance boundary.

  • Families residing within Foothills School Division boundaries must submit Form 1a.
  • Families residing within other jurisdictions (ie: Calgary), must submit Form 1b.

The process to request a School of Choice is:

  1. Discuss your preference with the principal of your designated school, and provide the reasoning for your School of Choice Application (PART A).
  2. The Principal of your designated school completes their section to indicate a meeting has occurred and provides it to the family (PART B).
  3. If you wish to proceed with the application, you may submit the form to the principal of the requested school of choice for their consideration (PART C).

If the Application is not approved, your family may appeal the decision by submitting the Application and supporting documentation to the Superintendent of Schools.

Please be aware:

  • Students that are accepted to attend a School of Choice do not reapply annually.  Students may continue to attend the school until they transition out of that location.
  • Students should not expect to automatically transition to the school that the out of attendance area school feeds into.  An application must be submitted as outlined in Administrative Procedure 305 when changing school locations.
  • Students aren't eligible for no-fee transportation.  Families may apply for user-pay services after receiving School of Choice approval, however there is no guarantee transportation service will be available.

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