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A Shared Responsibility: Safety for All

A Shared Responsibility: Safety for All


Foothills School Division (FSD) and the Town of Okotoks are inviting you to be a part of the Shared Responsibility to ensure Safety for All. As you may know, FSD is a Place for All, where each of us is expected to consistently foster a welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe environment that prioritizes respect and acceptance of diversity.

We are aware that our schools sites are busy spaces, with high volumes of traffic, and unique community concerns;  we understand that safety may at times be compromised. As such, we are seeking your creative ideas to make every school site a safe space for students, parents, staff, and visitors.

We are committed to hear from you, our communities, throughout our targeted engagement sessions. Here's a timeline what we've achieved so far:

June 2023 - École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School | Alberta High School of Fine Arts Parking Lot

  • Initial survey conducted in June 2023 to assess the safety priorities. While most respondents felt safe at the school, the top concerns were:
    1. Loitering and gathering of students
    2. Traffic in the pick up lane/ idle zone
    3. Winter road conditions
    4. Time to exit the lot


  • Based on your creative solutions the following have been implemented:
    1. Student parking pass system effective September 2023. 
    2. Increased signage regarding designated parking areas. 
    3. Repurposing vacant space at the northwest end of the school for additional staff parking, freeing up space for student parking. 
    4. Removal of a fence adjacent to the student parking area, which allows for improved snow removal, and widening the road for traffic flow. 
    5. Installation of additional security cameras around the campus, including within the building, parking lot, and building exterior. This helps to identify those littering and participating in vandalism and unsafe activities. 
    6. Continued advocacy for a new high school in Okotoks. As reflected in our Capital Plan, the need is shared with our local MLA and Minister of Education. 
    7. Collaborating with the Town of Okotoks to determine solutions that address traffic flow along surrounding roadways. 

December 2023 - Meadow Ridge Grounds

  • Initial survey was conducted in November 2023 to assess safety priorities. While most respondents felt safe at the school grounds, the top priorities were:
    1. Size of parking lot, and availability of spaces
    2. Enforcement of parking in the fire lane
    3. Turning lane on 32nd street
    4. Pedestrian pathway to the school site
  • Signage is in place to indicate flow of traffic to reduce frustration during peak times. 
  • Foothills School Division is continuing talks with the Town of Okotoks to seek solutions to these areas of concern; keeping in mind that the site may be further developed with town and FSD projects. 

Foothills School Division appreciates the time and efforts of the Town of Okotoks who are equally committed to the shared responsibility of safety for all within our community. Please join us as we continue to promote a culture of safety. 

Here’s how you can get involved

  • Participate in upcoming surveys.
  • Report unsafe activities to municipal enforcement or school leadership.
  • Promote the shared responsibility of safety by abiding laws, regulations, and posted signage.
  • Celebrate positive actions within your community.

Want to bring Safety for All  to your school community? Speak with your school administrator to start!

Want to learn more?

Contact our Manager of Communications and Community Engagement

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