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Board Meetings

Board meetings provide an opportunity for Trustees to share knowledge, experience, expertise, ideas, attitudes and expectations in order to effectively carry out the duties vested in the Board of Trustees by the Education Act and other legislation. 

As the fundamental obligation of the Board is to preserve, if not enhance, the public trust in education, meetings of the Board address this obligation by drawing on the expertise of the Superintendent and Executive Team to help trustees understand the educational, fiduciary, financial, human, and community implications of any decisions.

You're welcome to join us for the public portion of our Board Meetings (typically 1pm - 4pm on meeting days) or view our Board Meeting minutes & agenda. You may also see the steps we are taking toward a flourishing community within Footnotes, a monthly newsletter that connects the work of the Board of Trustees with the engagement, support, and success of our learners. Footnotes%20Web%20Header.png

Footnotes is a monthly newsletter shared with our community to showcase the progress at Foothills School Division. The majority of information shared highlights the steps the Board of Trustees are taking to ensure education is at the centre of a flourishing community. The intent is to connect how the work of the Trustees affects our students in the classrooms. 

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