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Community Partnerships

Foothills School Division encapsulates diverse communities, which include many different perspectives about what is important for students and public education. At times, opinions are conflicting and wide-ranging. As a result, it’s important for members of the public to make efforts to learn about opportunities to get involved in sharing their perspectives. It’s also important that members of the public participate in a respectful way and have a clear understanding of the FSD’s community engagement processes. This will help them to understand their role in each engagement initiative.

Most FSD community engagement initiatives are initiated by the Division Executive Team and Board of Trustees, as set by the organization’s Mission, Vision, and goals of the Education Plan. 

  • The Network: This year saw a reimagination of the Foothills Children’s Wellness Network (FCWN). This work was inspired by the information collected last May at the inaugural Foothills Youth Mental Health Summit, organized, and hosted by the former Foothills Mental Health Task Force. The newly minted Network (formerly the FCWN) includes the former Task Force members-  FSD, AHS Mental Health, Addictions, Allied Health and Rural Health, the Calgary Rural Primary Care Network – and the Foothills area Towns as well as the many community organizations that serve our community and youth in their work. The Network is a data-driven group that aims to advance School Readiness through a primary working group called Ready to Learn. And, a second priority working group advancing positive mental health and well-being through a focus called Mental Wellness. A common approach, language and commitment to advancing this work through strong partnerships is the goal of the Network. FSD is well represented in this Network with a Steering Committee Co-Chair and a Priority Working Group Co-Chair for each group representing the Division. 


  • University of Calgary: Foothills School Division has renewed its partnership with the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education. FSD staff now have opportunities to participate in Werklund School professional learning. And, student teachers also have access to FSD learning on Division-wide professional learning days. We are also partnering with the Werklund School to advance the work of the Network cited above as well as to advance our work in supporting staff wellness and well-being.  

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