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Learning Online

Foothills School Division Parent Learning Link

Making sure you have access to All FSD Tools

Foothills staff and students have access to a number of tools within their Chrome browser. This video shows how to make sure you have access to these.

Recording a Video Directly to Google Classroom


Students can use a phone or tablet to send their teacher a video message, ask a question or demonstrate their understanding.

How does my child access Google Classroom and hand in their work?

If your teacher is using Google Classroom to communicate with their students, this video takes you through the basic steps of joining. Students access Google Classroom by visiting  using their FSD gmail account (

How do I hand in my written work?


2 Apps that will help you hand in your work electronically.

How do I join a Google Meeting?

Your teacher will very likely be inviting you to a Google Meet. This video shows you how to join!

How do I access my ePortfolio


Your teacher may ask you to work in your myBlueprint or All About Me eportfolio.  Watch the video above fro instructions about how to sign on. To visit the site, go to:

Navigating the Digital World


Alberta Regional PD Consortia Collection of Resources

A Parent's Guide for Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

Common Sense Media

Media Smarts

Digital Citizenship:  Guide for Parents

Online Self/Peer Exploitation

A TELUS Wise Guide for Parents: Addressing Risky Texts

Practical Tips to Reduce Screen Time

I'm Ready for Screens!

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