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Career Education

Career Education

Career Education

Within our flourishing community, the Foothills School Division students become life-long learners, active citizens and prepared for their future by engaging in learning opportunities through which they will discover their interests in practical and purposeful ways.  

The Foothills School Division builds on existing high-quality learning in FSD by cultivating a culture of innovation and design to deepen student understanding of knowledge, skills and competencies through robust programs and career exploration that develops life-long learners and active citizens that are prepared for the future.

Innovation and Design

  • Innovation occurs when learners apply and engage in design thinking strategies to transfer their knowledge, understanding, and skills to authentic, real-world situations and challenges. Innovation and Design empower our kindergarten to grade 12 students to be creative, innovative, and think critically about their interests, build their skills and competencies, and connect to career education and exploration.

Career Futures  

  • Kindergarten to grade 12 students in the Foothills School Division investigate their interests and passions, explore who they are and their aspirations, and gain innovative skills through flexible learning experiences and environments. Career education enables students to develop the confidence they need, and cultivate their talents, skills, interests, and abilities while defining and acting on their future goals.  

Career Education enhances and advances existing high-quality learning and robust programs to prepare students for their future. Career exploration and flexible learning environments lead to active learning experiences, enhanced learning opportunities and prepare students for their future. The Foothills School Division grows community, industry, and educational partnerships to provide students access to authentic, hands-on experiential learning in fields of interest to support readiness for careers and future next steps

Career Education Opportunities for Students (K-12) across the Foothills School Division

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  • Investigate through Maker-Centered Learning
    Kindergarten - Grade 4

Students investigate design thinking and the jobs people do in a hands-on, play-based environment. Extending classroom learning, students focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Literacy and Mathematics/Numeracy (STEAM).  Students discover how devices work, build from their imagination, gain self-confidence and understand how learning helps to build skills to achieve goals. 

  • Explore through Career Technology Foundations 
    Grade 5 - Grade 9

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) provides students in grades 5 through 9 the opportunity to build practical knowledge while exploring their interests within various occupational areas and technologies. As students plan, design, create, and implement solutions for real-life problems and challenges, they develop social, interpersonal, life, and employability skills. 

  • Innovate through Career Technology Studies
    Grade 10 - Grade12

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is designed for high school students to become innovative in their approach to future career possibilities. CTS offers students opportunities to develop skills that can be applied in their daily lives and improve their employability following high school. The Foothills School Division provides flexible learning environments to help students innovate, and advance their interests and career goals through community, business, industry, and post-secondary partnerships.  

Beyond School Walls

Learning opportunities beyond school walls help students to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practical experience to achieve life and career goals.  Foothills School Division grows community, industry, and educational partnerships that provide students access to authentic, hands-on experiential learning in fields of interest to support readiness for careers and future next steps. career education opportunities including:

  • Off-campus Education provides work-integrated learning experiences to students to enable them to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes defined in each program of studies and/or course learning plans when on or off-campus.

  • Dual Credit Programming & Trades Training (grades 10 - 12)
    • SAIT and Olds College
    • The Educational Partnership Foundation (TEPF)

For more information about Off-campus Education, Dual Credit Programming and Trades Training, contact your school’s Academic & Career Advisor, Off Campus Coordinator, or Administration Team.


At Your School

  • Academic & Career Advisors, Off Campus Coordinator, Administration, Teachers, and Learning Common Facilitators. 
  • Ask your school for more information about


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