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Rules & Responsibilities



Student Responsibilities

  1. The bus driver is in charge of the bus at all times. Students are expected to obey the driver’s directions promptly and respectfully.
  2. Students must sit in their assigned seats, facing the front of the bus at all times. The driver has the authority to change assigned seating at any time.
  3. Students must not, under any circumstances, leave their seats while the bus is in motion.
  4. The aisle needs to be clear at all times. 
  5. Only quiet conversation with immediate seatmates will be permitted.
  6. Students must not throw paper or other rubbish on the floor of the bus or out the bus windows.
  7. Eating on the bus is prohibited unless specific permission is obtained from the driver.
  8. Students must not extend arms or heads out of the bus windows.
  9. The use of profane or abusive language while on the bus is strictly prohibited.
  10. Smoking, vaping, lighting matches or lighters while on the bus is strictly prohibited.
  11. The use of, or being under the influence of, drugs and/or alcohol while on the bus is strictly prohibited.

Students who disobey these rules may be required to make alternate transportation arrangements!

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  1. Ensure your child is at the designated bus stop five minutes prior to the bus’s scheduled arrival time.
  2. Ensure your child is familiar with their bus stop location.
  3. When the weather is inclement, it is your responsibility to ensure your child’s bus is running. Check our website and Twitter or listen to the radio for updates. You are responsible for your child’s safety and wellbeing until they board the bus.
  4. Ensure your child is appropriately dressed according to weather conditions.
  5. Parents/guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their child on the bus or to private property adjacent to school bus stops.
  6. Encourage your child to follow all school bus regulations. Ultimately, you are responsible for their conduct. 

Purpose of the School Bus

The school bus is intended to transport students to and from school in a safe and efficient manner. FSD is not obligated to transport special equipment, tools or instruments that are required for activities outside of school (e.g. after school jobs, tutoring, music lessons, sports, etc.). Parents/guardians of students enrolled in these types of activities are ultimately responsible for transportation of any items that may be required

Large Items on School Buses

The transportation of large items/cargo on school buses is governed by various pieces of legislation that state the requirements for items to be transported safely on a school bus that are operated by or contracted to the Foothills School Division.

Items Eligible for Transportation 

Large items cannot protrude into the aisles or above the seats or into another student’s space. Bus seats are 39” wide and a number of buses are carrying three (3) students to a seat, which is the allowed maximum capacity. Anything the students are carrying must be held on the students’ lap, or rested on the floor between the students’ legs. 

The following items are allowable on school buses: 

  • Flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, alto sax, bass clarinet, trumpet, bassoon, trombone 
  • Lunch pails, school backpacks 
  • Text books and school supplies 
  • Sports equipment in sport bags (large hockey bags not included) 

The following items are a few examples of what is not allowed on school buses: 

  • Tuba, sousaphone, baritone, guitars, drums, French horn, tenor sax, bass trombone 
  • Hockey bags, hockey sticks, skis & poles, skateboards, golf clubs 
  • Science boards

As many of the Division buses are at or near capacity, students will only be allowed to take either a sports bag or a band instrument along with their school books/back pack. 

Band Programs

Band instructors within the Division will do what they can to ensure that students have the ability to meet these guidelines, whether it’s a spare instrument at home to practice with (bring mouthpiece back and forth) or assigning instruments that are easily carted on the bus. As well instructors will have to plan band excursions/trips so that there is separate, safe, transportation for band instruments & music stands so that they are not on the same bus as students

Contact Transportation:

T: 403-652-6547


F: 403-652-1102

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