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Alberta Education Resources


My Child's Learning K-9 Math Overview: A Parent Resource

My Child's Learning High School Math Overview: A Parent Resource

High School Mathematics at a Glance

K-9 Grade at a Glance

Math Program Supports         K-6     7-9    10-12

Math Websites

Math Websites 

University of Waterloo Problem of the Week - Grades 3-12

Yohaku Number Puzzles - challenging problems, Grades 2-12, also on Twitter

Mr. Orr is a Geek - real-world problems, approximately Grades 4-12

NRICH Maths, problems and resources, Grades K-12

Estimation 180 - problems, approximately Grades 3-12

Open Middle - math problems for Grades K-12  

Dave Martin - dice chats for the whole family

Math Before Bed - visual discussions for the whole family

YouCubed Jo Boaler - articles and resources, importance of a positive math mindset 

Math for Love;  articles for parents, rich tasks for K-10

The Kahn Academy - Virtual Lessons

Innovation and Design

Looking for a challenge? Is your child missing CTF and CTS? Have them try some of these Innovation and Design sites and learn a new skill!

Girls who code at home - Fun games and activities to learn about Coding and computer science. - Lots of fun and engaging ways to learn to code for all ages!

Tinker Cad - Learn coding, electronics and 3D Design.

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