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Introduction to Trades Summer Program



In partnership with The Educational Partnership Foundation (TEPF) and various Trade Unions in Calgary, the Introduction to Trades Summer Program is an internship. While earning unpaid work experience credits, students will be exposed to industry environments, safe work practices, and workplace culture from experienced instructors connected to industry and employment opportunities. Trades training builds confidence and develops skills required to be successful on the job, in an apprenticeship and for future goals while earning high school credits. Students are not permitted to take other summer school courses due to the substantial time commitment to be successful in this program. Spots are limited.TEPF_Logo.jpg

Internship Programs

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  • Local 725 Training School: 6111 36 Street SE, Calgary

    This course introduces two career paths for ironworking: reinforcing and structural. In reinforcing students learn how to reinforce concrete structures by placing and securing materials like steel bars to ensure buildings are strong and durable. The structural path focuses on fabricating structural steel for buildings and bridges, as well as ornamental ironwork. Students will also gain skills in erecting steel structures, welding, installing various components, and even repairing existing structures. This diverse training prepares them for a versatile construction career.

    Apprenticeship Available: Ironworker Reinforcing or Ironworker Structural

  • Electrical Industry Training Centre IBEW Local 424: #200, 3623 – 29 Street NE, Calgary

    In this introductory course, students will explore the world of electrical systems. Electricians are experts in installing and maintaining wiring and components in various settings including homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. Students will gain essential knowledge and skills for working with electricity, ensuring safety, and meeting the electrical needs of diverse environments. This course serves as the foundation for a rewarding career in the electrical trade.

    Apprenticeship Available: Electrician

  • Alberta Carpenters Training Centre: #10, 1305 - 33 Street NE Calgary

    This course introduces two career paths for the carpentry trade: Carpenter and Scaffolder where students will be introduced to the skills needed to start their apprenticeship safely and with basic knowledge of the trade. In carpentry, students will craft and repair structures using wood and other materials, develop skills in measuring, cutting, and joining materials, and create functional and visually appealing structures. In scaffolder, students gain expertise in building and taking down scaffolding systems and learn how to ensure safe access for workers during construction and maintenance projects. Important skills in learning and understanding scaffold design, installation, and safety protocols for supporting a variety of construction tasks will be taught.

    Apprenticeship Available: Carpenter or Scaffolder

  • Piping Industry Training School Local 496: 5649 Burbank Road SE, Calgary

    In the Introduction to Pipe Trades course, students will acquire the skills to construct, assemble, maintain, and repair piping systems. These systems are responsible for transporting water, steam, chemicals, and fuels, playing a crucial role in heating, cooling, lubrication, and various industrial processes. This course provides the foundation for a career in working within the pipe trades and their applications across different industries.

    Apprenticeship Available: Gasfitter, Sprinkler Systems Installer, Steamfitter/Pipefitter, Plumber, or Welder

  • Boilermakers Lodge 146 Training School: 11055 48 Street SE, Calgary

    This course serves as the starting point for a rewarding journey into the world of a boilermaker. Offering hands-on experience and expertise in this specialized trade, students will discover how to create, put together, set up, and take care of boilers, tanks, and vats that are used in industrial operations. This includes working with metal components to ensure their efficiency and safety in various industries. While focused on ensuring the structural integrity and safety of these critical industrial components through precise welding techniques and expertise, students learn the basics of welding and fabrication for boilers, tanks, and pressure vessels.

    Apprenticeship available:Boilermaker or Welder

    Note: The Boilermaker program will run for two weeks and requires an additional screening process. The training center will carefully select successful candidates for the available seats.


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  • The following applies to all the above programs, excluding Introduction to Boilermaker (see below)

    Applying students must be:

    • Interested in a career in the Trades 
    • Able to commit to two weeks of training: July 2 – July 26 from 8:00 - 4:00 pm
    • Completing grade 11 or 12 year in a Foothills School Division school
    • 16 years of age by June 30 of the current school year
      • Completed pre-requisite requirements: 
      • HCS 3000, HCS 3010, and CSTS 2020 by June 15
      • Complete a Career Launch Exploration and submit other documentation required by deadline (see specifics under How to Apply) 
    • able to provide own transportation to and from the training facility in Calgary
    • able to attend online orientation session May 8 at 7pm
    • able to commit to daily attendance for the duration of the program for the month of July
    • communicating with their course instructor and the FSD off-campus Coordinator regularly
    • provide and wear the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required for the training facility:
      • CSA approved 8” steel-toed boots (must have the CSA green triangle on boot)
      • Safety clothing that pertains to the industry such as long sleeve shirts, cotton pants, coveralls, etc.
  • All students interested in the Boilermaker program must:

    • Able to commit to two weeks of training: July 8 – July 19 from 8:30 - 4:00 pm
    • Currently in grade 12 
    • Complete the pre-requisite requirements:
      • HCS 3000, HCS 3010, and CSTS 2020 by June 15
    • Provide and wear the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required for the training facility
      • CSA approved 8” steel-toed boots (must have the CSA green triangle on boot)
      • Safety clothing that pertains to the industry such as long sleeve shirts, cotton pants, coveralls, etc.
    • Attend an in-person Apprenticeship Recruitment Information Seminar (ARIS) on Friday, May 31 from 4:00pm-8:00 pm. Parents are welcome to join. Doors open at 3:30.
    • The training centre will carefully select successful candidates for the available seats. Details will be communicated to the applicants by the Local.

      Apprenticeship Recruitment Information Seminar (ARIS)

      Friday, May 31 from 4:00pm - 8:00 pm.
      Parents are welcome to join. Doors open at 3:30.

      Students must register for the ARIS. Registration details will be provided directly to students. Upon ARIS registration, students will receive an online study guide for the assessment that will be part of the evening event on May 31. The evening includes:

      • Filling out an application.
      • Participating in a seminar.
      • Completing the event with a required Essential Skills Assessment.

    This assessment is recognized by Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) as an apprenticeship entrance exam, so the benchmark is 70% to meet their criteria. In the event a student does not meet the 70% requirement during ARIS, students can rewrite on June 25 from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm.

    Only successful students will be registered for Work Smart.

How to Apply

Deadline May 3

The school Academic and Career Advisors will assist with the application process.

Process for application:

  1. Read through the Career Education Program descriptions and meet eligibility requirements. 
  2. Select a program of interest. 
  3. Prepare a Career Launch Exploration
  4. Meet with the Academic and Career Advisor who will help explain the process, answer any questions, read through the student's Career Launch Exploration*, and fill out a Statement of Approval** for the student.
  5. Fill out the Expression of Interest form and upload all documentation including current transcripts, Statement of Approval, and Career Launch Exploration. 
  6. Attend the Information Night on May 8th at 8pm to determine if the program is a good fit for you.
  7. Email the Academic and Career Advisor by May 10th to confirm or withdraw application.

*Career Launch Exploration

Students applying for Introduction to Trades Programs are required to prepare a Career Launch Exploration. This exploration is one of the key pieces of the application process and should reflect specific reasons why the program is important to the student and their future goals. Whether written, video, PowerPoint, or portfolio based, the Career Launch Exploration should include student aspirations, the skills, and competencies the student is hoping to gain, and the alignment between the program, their career, and future goals. In addition, a statement of support from a staff member at the student’s school who knows them well should be included in the Career Launch Exploration. This is an opportunity for a staff member to speak directly on the student’s learning strengths, interests and why they would be suited for the program. Students can use their myBlueprint account as a post-secondary and/or career exploration tool of discovery.  The survey results may relate directly to the program students are interested in pursuing.

**Statement of Approval
The school’s Academic and Career Advisor will fill out a statement of approval once the student has met with them to go over the completed Career Launch Exploration and other necessary documentation. 

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