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Advocacy - Get Started

Writing your Letter of Advocacy

Writing a letter to your local MLA, Minster of the Legislative Assembly, or Premier does not have to be intimidating. This is your opportunity to share your voice with your elected officials and influence change within our school system.

You do not need to write the letter as if it were a dissertation, but you do need to write it with your passion and a clear voice stating the need for change. The biggest impact of an advocacy letter is that you took the time to write it. This simple act shows that you care about the future of our youth.

We have put together some guidelines to help you write your letter, along with some facts, sample letters, and contact information of local politicians. You can find these resources within the advocacy priorities in the menu to the left.

Tips for your letter of advocacy:

  1. Be Respectful
    Your language and tone will greatly impact how your letter is received. A letter that is polite and direct will be more effective.  
  2. Be Personal
    Share your perspective and how this issue has impacted yourself and your family.
  3. Be Factual
    Be clear, be concise, and be accurate. Address one issue at a time and stick to the facts to clearly state your point. Limiting your letter to a single page will also improve its readability.
  4. Be Proactive
    Offer suggestions to improve the issue. Some suggested resolutions are included in the advocacy priority pages. Feel free to provide your own effective ideas.  

Where to send your letter:

You can quickly send your personalized letter to your elected representatives by email:

  1. Ministers of Education or Finance
  2. MLA
  3. Mayors
  4. Premier of Alberta

AND be sure to include Foothills School Division (

Premier of Alberta
Danielle Smith

Minister of Education
Demetrios Nicolaides

Minister of Finance
Nate Horner

Highwood MLA
RJ Sigurdson

Livingstone-Macleod MLA
Chelsae Petrovic

Banff-Kananaskis MLA
Sarah Elmeligi

Mayor of Okotoks
Tanya Thorn
Contact Online

Mayor of High River
Craig Snodgrass

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