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Academic Resources

Academic Maths

Math Online Games and Brain Teasers

Math is Fun!!!! There are links below to a variety of games and math puzzles for every member of your family. 

Give one activity a try each week or even every day and share your favourite challenges with your friends and classmates. 

Click on the underlined titles to connect to the website pages. 

Solve me - engaging algebraic puzzles, completed electronically, for all ages 

Yohaku Number Challenges - Grades 2-12 number flexibility, also on Twitter

Math for Love - math puzzles to try, contact a friend and solve these challenges together

Math for Love - math games to play with your whole family, don't let the grade suggestion stop you

University of Waterloo Problem of the Week - Grades 3-12, try archived problems to check your solution

Mr. Orr is a Geek - solve a real-world problem, try this with a friend on Google Meet, Grades 4-12

NRICH Maths - try these strategy games and puzzlers, something for every grade and family member

Open Middle - math problems with hints; some are in French, fun for every grade and family member

Dave Martin - dice chats for the whole family, discuss how you each 'see' the numbers and find the sum 

Math Before Bed - take a long slow look at these photos to find the answers, puzzles for the whole family

You Cubed - math tasks to solve; some great visual challenges for the artist that is in us all 

YouCubed - articles and videos; believe in your math potential and  keep a positive mindset

Need homework support?

The Kahn Academy - Virtual Lessons

Free Online Math Homework (evenings 5-8 pm) Support


Pull out your board games, play some cards, build something,, or try a new recipe. Most importantly - use your math skills to exercise your brain and have some family fun! 

Innovation and Design

Looking for a challenge? Are you missing CTF and CTS? Try some of these Innovation and Design sites and learn a new skill!

Girls who code at home - Fun games and activities to learn about Coding and computer science. - Lots of fun and engaging ways to learn to code for all ages!

Tinker Cad - Learn coding, electronics and 3D Design.

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