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ATM: Wellness and Well-Being (Part III)


The next few A Thoughtful Moments will be covering the integration of Wellness and Well-Being, and how they are paramount to our community. 

Wellness and well-being are the foundation of a flourishing community. Foothills School Division is committed to supporting the wellness and well-being of our staff and students. We do this by working together to create welcoming, safe, caring, inclusive and respectful environments that are trauma informed and responsive to the needs of students and staff. In FSD, we see staff wellness and student well-being as equally important, and essential components of our flourishing community.

Comprehensive School Health

Comprehensive School Health  (CSH) is an internationally recognized approach that seeks to address well-being in education environments in a planned, integrated, and holistic way, in order to improve both health and learning outcomes. CSH helps us to build healthy school communities that support students in reaching their full potential as learners—and as healthy, productive members of society.


The CSH approach is a systems approach to wellness that positively influences the wellness of both staff and students by addressing 4 key components: teaching and learning, policy, partnerships and services, and the social and physical environment. CHS encourages us to engage a variety of stakeholders to build capacity and increase ownership of our healthy community. As SEL provides a framework for our system to support individuals in the skills development needed to support wellness, CSH provides a framework for our system to promote a collaborative approach to wholistic wellness procedures and plans. For more information on the Comprehensive School Health model, visit here.

Superintendent-Schools-Fuzessy-14.pngChris Fuzessy
Superintendent of Schools
Crane.pngMonica Crane
Principal, Cameron Crossing School
Division Coordinator, Outreach Services; Student and Staff Well-Being

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