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ATM: Mental Wellness


As we highlighted last week, Foothills School Division is a full participant in the local collective of community service providers and organizations called The Network. The Network includes over 20 groups committed to support and services for children, youth, and families across the Foothills area. 


There are three priority working areas in The Network, and we touched on the importance of Ready to Learn in our last Thoughtful Moment. This week we want to highlight the work of Priority Working Group 2, Mental Wellness. 


A focus on Mental Wellness is key to the well-being of our entire Foothills community. The work here is geared towards opening conversations about mental health, and how we can support one another with maintaining mental wellness.  Part of this is de-stigmatizing the topic of mental health. We all have the capacity to be well. 

Part of this focus is also on aligning and understanding the community and professional supports and services available to our community. And, supporting one another as service providers to provide this information to our community in a seamless way. 

Mental Wellness is also linked to the Youth Mental Wellness Summit. The third annual Summit is in the planning stages and is scheduled to take place in May of 2024. The voice of youth is central to the Summit, and we look forward to hearing from participants this year. 

FSD is proud to be counted among the partner organizations of The Network and to support our community before, during, and after kids attend our schools. We are all part of the Greater Foothills community and are responsible for supporting one another in being the best we can be. 

Learn more about The Network at

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Superintendent of Schools

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