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FSD Resilience

FSD Resilience


Why FSD Resilience?

The FSD Resilience project is the re-imagination of FSD Cares for the 2022-2023 school year, existing to communicate and connect students, staff and families with mental health and wellness resources in the communities we serve, and beyond. 

Resilience defined

Resilience is defined by the point where something will bend before it breaks. This is the moment when something is in its most dynamic state of flexibility—where its maximum potential is revealed. 

Consider the resilience of a school’s most iconic symbol, and the subject of the FSD Resilience project logo: the pencil. The resilience of a pencil is not defined by the graphite or its construction, but rather by the writer who holds it. It’s the conscious, learned choices and experiments of this person to how the pencil is held, where the grip is placed, the force that can be exerted, and the angle (perspective) that provides the best final product.

Each individual must understand that we own the power and responsibility to explore the full potential of what is possible. Removing access barriers to mental health and wellness resources allows us to reach our full potential, and this is the essence of the FSD Resilience project.

The facets

The colours in the logo represent the key elements/pillars of FSD resilience:

  • Red represents the data-driven efforts to assess, analyze, and report back on the health of our ecosystems. This includes tools, surveys, engagements, and other communications avenues to collect voice.
  • Purple represents staff wellness. This includes all that’s currently captured in the staff learning link, resources, assets, assessments, projects, and events related to staff wellness.
  • Blue represents the third-party resources and tools through benefits providers that employees can access.
  • Green is a storytelling mechanism to tell the stories of school-based and school-initiated resilience and culture activities. It’s a central repository for stories, videos, photos, and events.
  • Yellow represents everything associated with Students’ Matters and student-driven resilience building.

The FSD Resilience project is currently in development and is scheduled to go live in line with the opening day of the 2022-2023 school year. Check back often, as this page will regularly be updated with mental health and wellness resources, informational content, and videos as the digital hub of FSD Resilience–designed to build, cultivate, and demonstrate resilience lives at FSD.

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