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Families qualify for transportation based on the following conditions:

  • Students registered in Foothills School Division (FSD) and attending a school within their designated attendance boundary; or
  • Students directed to a school outside their attendance boundary school for FSD some regional programs (these include French Immersion, and inclusive learning programs); and
  • Students whose residence (home address) is 2.4 kilometers* or further from their designated school.

FSD buses are the predominant form of transportation. In situations where it is not practical/cost-efficient to offer busing, due to factors including location, distance or individual student requirements, alternative forms of transport will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

* Distances are determined using an approved Alberta Education Logistics program and is the walking distance (including walking paths) from the residence.

Ineligible Students and Transportation

Students whose residence (home address) is closer to their designated school than the distances outlined in the previous section OR school families who decide to send their children to an FSD school of choice outside their designated boundary (subject to FSD approval) do not qualify for transportation. However, they may be provided with transportation subject to the following conditions:

  • There is room on the bus after all students who qualify for transportation are accommodated;
  • The route will not be changed to accommodate student pick up/drop off. School families are required to meet the bus at a scheduled stop;
  • Students attending a school of choice are required to meet the bus at a scheduled stop inside the choice school boundary; and
  • The provision of transportation will be reviewed on an annual basis subject to the same conditions as outlined above. There is no guarantee that space will be available from one year to the next depending on the number of students who qualify for transportation and choose to use the service.



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