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Foothills School Division 2021-2024 (Year 3) Education Plan


1685563759984.pngOur future is created by the young people in our classrooms today, fostered by educators invested in the pursuit of their potential, and nurtured by the same community that will be the beneficiary of their success. 

Our three-year fixed term (2021-2024) education plan sets out what needs to be done, including determining priorities, outcomes, measures and strategies using the most recent Our 2021-2024 Year 3 Education Plan is based on contributions from students, parents, staff, business/community leaders and service providers who provide ongoing and direct feedback in the development of goals and strategies for engagement, support, and success of each learner. 

Foothills School Division 2021-2024 Education Plan: Year 3

Foothills School Division 2021-2024 Education Plan: Year 3 Summary

2021-22 Annual Education Results Report

Engaging with our stakeholders has been critical in the development and implementation of our education plan and AERR. Effectively engaging stakeholders in the development of our education plan and sharing results has resulted in several benefits including ensuring being more responsive to local needs; increasing stakeholder understanding of education matters, and improving decision-making.


Previous Education Plans 

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