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Full-time and Part-Time Kindergarten

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Foothills School Division’s kindergarten program is guided by Alberta Education’s Kindergarten program philosophy. Building on what children have already learned in their home and community settings, it supports the uniqueness and integrity of every child, promotes a positive attitude towards lifelong learning, and seeks to help children value themselves as capable, competent learners.


Kindergarten registration is open!
Register now using our online registration portal.

To register, you will need to provide proof of your child’s full name, date of birth, and citizenship. The following documents are accepted as proof: birth certificate, Canadian citizenship certificate, passport, baptismal certificate, court order, or information confirming your home address.


Full-time kindergarten is Monday to Friday, from September to June, and is offered at:

  • Dr. Morris Gibson
  • Big Rock School
  • Spitzee Elementary School
  • C. Ian McLaren School

Full-time Kindergarten programs are subject to enrollment capacity. Families in all locations are welcome to apply for full-time kindergarten, regardless of their location, however, it is expected that students will return to their designated school upon entry into Grade 1. We do understand that some families may prefer to send their child to a location outside their designated school attendance boundary, these families would be required to review Administrative Procedure 305 and submit their School of Choice application prior to the start of Grade 1. 

Part-time kindergarten occurs on various days (depending on the school) from September to June, and is offered at:

  • Blackie School
  • Big Rock School
  • Cayley School
  • C. Ian McLaren
  • Dr. Morris Gibson
  • École  Joe Clark School  (possibility of full time available, please contact École Joe Clark School)
  • École Percy Pegler School
  • Heritage Heights
  • Longview
  • Meadow Ridge
  • Millarville
  • Red Deer Lake
  • Spitzee
  • Turner Valley
  • Westmount

French Immersion Kindergarten

We offer French Immersion Kindergarten programs in Okotoks (École Percy Pegler School) and High River (École Joe Clark School).

Find Your Designated School 

Please use the Find a School tool to find your local school.

Student Age Requirements

Children must turn five years old on or before December 31 of the year the child begins kindergarten.

School Fees 

Full-time kindergarten is $250/month from September to June (10 payments total)

Part-time kindergarten fees vary by the school but are approximately $30/year


School bus service is available to students attending within their designated school boundary. Families residing outside of their designated area will be responsible for organizing their own transportation. To verify your school attendance boundary, click here.


Contact Dinah VanDonzel, Director of Student Learning (JK-6)

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