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Celebrating the best of our people

Celebrating the best of our people

As a division, we are fuelled by people who contribute to the health and success of our division’s mission. They bring meaning and purpose to our work. Each year, we recognize our people – students, teachers, and leaders—through a variety of awards and celebrations. 

The Indigenous Student Award is a provincial award sponsored by the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) and is meant to celebrate the unique qualities of students who inspire their peers, teachers, education leaders and community members, all while celebrating the ways of their people.

Our nominees were:

  • Cheynne Anderson, Oilfields High School student
  • Elshia John, Oilfields High School student

The Distinguished Leadership Award, awarded by the Council of School Leadership, recognizes leaders who challenge the status quo, improve learning in their contexts, and are equipped for the highest levels of leadership. 

This year’s award winner was:

  • James Holladay, Principal, Senator Riley

The Edwin Parr Award celebrates outstanding first-year teachers. Nominated by their principals, these individuals demonstrate excellence in positive relationships, instructional strategies, student assessment and evaluation, inclusive practices and contributions to the lives of students beyond the classroom. 

This year’s nominees were:

  • Danyka Culbert, École Secondaire Highwood High School   
  • Breanne Jamieson, C. Ian McLaren School
  • Jordan Meyer, Meadow Ridge School

From these three nominees, Breanne Jamieson was selected as our formal nomination to the Alberta School Board Association.

The Excellence in Supporting Student Success was created by our division for our people. Peers, leaders, and the public are able to nominate individuals who demonstrate a strong belief that every student can learn and succeed, show initiative and resourcefulness in supporting students as part of a supportive and collaborative team, and who role model the best of our division. These are ambassadors, team players, strong decision makers, and champions for their peers. 

This year, we are proud to recognize:

  • Daron Walsh, Office Administrator, C. Ian McLaren
  • Nicole Robertson, Bus Driver, C. Ian McLaren
  • Adam Elliott, System Analyst II, Division Office
  • Raelene Child, Educational Assistant, Dr. Morris Gibson
  • Tracy Tuttosi, Learning Commons Facilitator, Dr. Morris Gibson
  • Laurel Reid, Educational Assistant, École Okotoks Junior High
  • Krista Tincher, Family School Liaison, École Okotoks Junior High
  • Kate Vickers, Educational Assistant, École Percy Pegler
  • Jaimie Malcolm, Family School Liaison, École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School
  • Jordan Britton, Family School Liaison, École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School
  • Kathy Holm, Office Administrator, École Senator Riley Middle School
  • Pam Mc Kay, Learning Commons Facilitator, École Senator Riley Middle School
  • Nancy Bowlby, Learning Commons Facilitator, Heritage Heights
  • Kathy Parker, Office Administrator, Heritage Heights
  • Lucy Critchley, Educational Assistant, Meadow Ridge
  • Alberta Smallwood, Learning Commons Facilitator, Millarville
  • Jacqueline Williamson, Educational Assistant, Oilfields
  • Anne Marie Smith, Educational Assistant, Oilfields
  • Sheila Sepkowski, Educational Assistant, Red Deer Lake
  • Edna Iacuelli, Educational Assistant, Red Deer Lake
  • Heidi Griffith, Educational Assistant, Turner Valley
  • Britt Bradley, Educational Assistant, Turner Valley
  • Leah Spurway, Educational Assistant, Westmount
  • Mary Loran, Educational Assistant, Westmount

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