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ATM: Wellness and Well-Being (Part IV)


The next few A Thoughtful Moments will be covering the integration of Wellness and Well-Being, and how they are paramount to our community. 

Wellness and well-being are the foundation of a flourishing community. Foothills School Division is committed to supporting the wellness and well-being of our staff and students. We do this by working together to create welcoming, safe, caring, inclusive and respectful environments that are trauma informed and responsive to the needs of students and staff. In FSD, we see staff wellness and student well-being as equally important, and essential components of our flourishing community.

Continuum of Supports and Heartcare

Foothills School Division has a robust continuum of supports and services. Our continuum of supports focuses on simultaneously promoting well-being for all students, while providing targeted and individualized interventions for students who need it. By increasing the protective factors and reducing risk factors through our continuum of supports and services, students can thrive. For more information on learner supports, visit here.

The Heartcare model, promoted by Dr. Astrid Kendrik, promotes as system approach to wellness for staff and involves investigating available supports and resources then choosing realistic interventions to build employee well-being. Similar to the continuum of supports developed for students, Heartcare is the work of connecting us with partners in wellness, such as colleagues, system leaders, and related supports like ASEBP, to identify areas of need and addressing them to best support our individual wellness, and the wellness of all stakeholders. For more information on Heartcare, visit here.

Both continuum of supports and Heartcare promote the integration of trauma informed practices to support wellness and well-being.



We believe that having consistent language, frameworks, and related supports ensures we as a system work towards the same wellness goals. We hope that this new cohesive vision will support everyone in Foothills School Division on their wellness journeys.

Have a safe and happy summer. We look forward to welcoming you back in September for the 2024-2025 school year!

Yours in learning, 

Superintendent-Schools-Fuzessy-14.pngChris Fuzessy
Superintendent of Schools
Crane.pngMonica Crane
Principal, Cameron Crossing School
Division Coordinator, Outreach Services; Student and Staff Well-Being

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