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ATM: Celebrations for All


In a continuing effort to promote that Foothills School Division is a place for all, we are seeking insight from the people within our community. One way we are accomplishing this is by building a calendar of celebrations and days of significance that best represent you, our community.

Canada is a cultural mosaic. By building a calendar that reflects each member of our community, we can grow our understanding of each other, celebrate our diversity, and create a sense of belonging.

We welcome you to view Celebrations for All Calendar and join us in celebrating our community members. Please note that there are many holy days associated with various faiths and the absence of such dates on this list should not be interpreted to mean they are not significant or valued. This list is not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive and every attempt has been made to ensure its accuracy. This is a fluid calendar and updates and changes are made throughout the year.

We welcome your suggestions to to make this calendar a true Celebration for All.  In your message please be sure to include the date(s), a description of the event, and links where we can learn more.

Thank you for your participation.

Yours in learning, 

MgrComm-FoxS.pngSara Fox
Manager of Communications 
& Community Engagement


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