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ATM: Strategic Recruiting


Our Division is made up of many different schools and worksites, and in recent years our Executive Team have emphasized a wider perspective when making important decisions. This holistic view, termed “systemness” encourages our leaders to broaden their mindset to see the big picture – the division as a cohesive whole.


Employee Services plays a pivotal role in assisting leaders with hiring choices for their team. Our recruitment approach resembles a strategic chess game, where we anticipate moves several steps ahead. While some decisions may initially unsettle staff and school communities, our long-term goal is to fortify the division’s effectiveness for both now and in the future. 


Some key considerations during the hiring process with a systemness mindset include:

  1. Organizational Culture and Purpose
    • Does the candidate align with our organizational culture and mission?
    • Can they contribute meaningfully to our shared purpose?

  2. Experience Alignment and Readiness
    • Do their skills complement our goals as a division?
    • Will their working experience enhance our team and division effectiveness?
    • Is the candidate ready for this opportunity? What professional growth will support their development of a systemness perspective?

  3. Collaboration and Impact
    • Can they seamlessly integrate into existing teams?
    • Do they consider the broader impact of decisions/solutions?

  4. Strategic Timing
    • Is this the opportune moment to build capacity or provide growth opportunities?


These thoughtful deliberations lead us to sound and well-considered hiring decisions, reinforcing our commitment to building a flourishing community.

Yours in learning, 

MgrEE-ZimmerA.pngAngie Zimmer
Manager of Human Resources

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