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ATM: Welcome to FSD


Welcome to the Foothills School Division (FSD)! As a major employer and educator in the region, FSD spans across diverse landscapes, serving student and families while placing education at the centre of a flourishing community

Who are we?

Our Schools: FSD offers quality education in 21 brick-and-mortar schools, 3 Hutterite Colony schools, and 1 digital school. FSD%20Map.png

Our Students: All are welcome at FSD. We currently have over 8,700 students enrolled in our system. 

Our Name: Operating within Foothills County and surrounding areas, our namesake region is a picturesque tapestry of rolling hills, fertile valleys, and open skies. Here, students attend schools nestled amidst nature’s beauty. From sunrise over the prairies to sunset against the Rockies, FSD schools offer an inspiring backdrop for learning.

Our Location: FSD extends its reach to remote hamlets and farming communities as well as within urban centres. Our schools are more than just educational institutions-- they’re community hubs. Students learn not only within the classroom but also from the land, traditions, and the resilience of their communities.

Our Community Engagement

School Councils: Each school has its own council—a passionate group of parents, educators, and community members. They advocate for their school’s unique needs, organize events, and ensure that every voice is heard.

Collaboration: FSD collaborates with local businesses, community organizations, and municipalities to foster the best learning experiences. Our schools are not isolated; they’re woven into the fabric of community life.

Our Challenges and Triumphs

Distance: Covering vast distances poses challenges. Yet, it also fosters opportunities for innovation. Our students learn to adapt, appreciate diversity, and celebrate shared experiences.

Equity: Ensuring equitable resources across all schools is an ongoing objective. From the smaller rural schools to the bustling urban campus, every student deserves quality education.

Foothills School Division is a place for all. Join us on this journey, where education is placed at the centre of a flourishing community.

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