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The 2024-2025 Calendar


At the January 31, 2024, Board Meeting, the Foothills School Division Board of Trustees approved the 2024-2024 academic calendar. 

This calendar is a synthesis of parent feedback, staff voice, and attending to the needs of students while accommodating the balance of breaks, and provincial diploma exams and PATs. 

A few notables:Footnotes%20February%202024%20Pg%201-1.png

August 30 - Student Transition Day (To support the social-emotional wellness of learners, this is a day schools may use to welcome new grade cohorts, or for students and parents to become familiar with their class or school.)

September 3 - First Day of School for All Students

September 30 - National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

November 12 - 15 - Fall Break

November 18 - 29 - Learner Conferences

December 23 - January 3 - Winter Break

February 18 - 21 - Schools Closed

April 14 - 17, 28 - 30 - Learner Conferences

April 18 - 25 - Spring Break

June 27 - Last Day of School for Students

To view the entire calendar and list of dates, please see the attached documents below and be sure to check out the February 2024 edition of Footnotes for a better understanding of how we build the calendar. 


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