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Mission, Values & Principles

Mission, Values & Principles

Mission Statement

Each learner entrusted to our care, has unique gifts and abilities. It is our mission to find out what these are…Explore them... Develop them... Celebrate them!

The Board of Trustees is committed to govern by holding space so that our students and all who support them can flourish.  The Board of Trustees will:

  • Support student learning by speaking with an informed voice on behalf of public education;
  • Establish a clear sense of vision based upon community values, beliefs and expectations. Board goals, plans and policies will enable others to meet these common purposes;
  • Meet its responsibility as a policy and decision maker through dialogue with community members;
  • Support innovation and change through policy development, resource allocation, building relationships and sustaining initiatives; and
  • Be held publicly accountable by ensuring appropriate systems of evaluation lead to continuous improvement.

Core Values

Our Trustees seek to embrace and fulfill the following ideals in the operation of Foothills School Division:

Opportunity: Learners are provided with rich learning experiences that enable them to discover their unique gifts, abilities and passions and to achieve at their highest potential.

Choice: Learners have a choice of programs that appeal to their interests and abilities.  Learners are also given choice to select from multiple pathways that help them achieve learning success.

Diversity: Learners’ differing needs, cultures and abilities are respected and valued within inclusive learning environments.

Excellence: Each learner is encouraged to achieve their maximum potential and become engaged critical thinkers.

Belonging: Learners take pride in being a part of their schools and Foothills School Division. They feel a part of a safe and caring learning community. They demonstrate care, compassion and mutual respect towards themselves and others.

Integrity and Competence: Learners model sincerity, reliability, and honesty in their interactions with others. As well, they are both skillful and effective in their work.

Citizenship: Learners work to improve their community, both locally and globally. They engage with other stakeholders and share in the responsibility for creating healthy communities.

Guiding Principles

The Board uses the following guiding principles to help promote a common understanding of policy directions and as the basis for making sound and consistent decisions:

Learner-centered: The needs of our students are first and foremost when making decisions.

Committed to the larger Foothills School Division team:  Decisions are informed by high quality evidence, aligned with the system’s vision for excellence in teaching and learning, and reflective of what is in the best interests of students throughout the Division as a whole.

Innovation to promote and strive for excellence: Foothills School Division is a learning organization committed to creative, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches, which are promoted and supported to achieve high standards and excellence in education.

Flexible and responsive: Learning opportunities are meaningful and appropriate for each learner’s needs and abilities.   Foothills School Division must also be flexible in responding to the changing needs of both local and global communities in order for learning opportunities to remain current and relevant.

Fair and equitable: Each learner has fair and reasonable access to educational opportunities.  Some learners will need additional specialized support in order to fully access these opportunities.

Sustainable and efficient use of resources: Resources (both financial and human) are optimized to support student learning.

Engaged communities: Stakeholders work together as collaborative partners to advance common goals that promote and support learning.

Accountable and transparent: Outcomes of our students’ achievements and use of funding are clearly communicated to stakeholders. Transparency of results and decision-making processes are foundational in our work.  Research, evidence and analysis are used to ensure that resources are allocated for the maximum benefit of students.

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